What is a Nano Spray?

It is important within the livestock sector that we continually look at ways in which the processes that we put our animals through every day are improved upon. One way in which technology and the advancement of science has come into play in farming and livestock circles is with nanotechnology and a look at how […]

Can Stem Cells Help in Curing Autism?

Autism is a range of disorders determined by marked abnormalities in speech and social interaction. This is most common with children and they have diminished oxygenation in various parts of the brain and a chronic immunology mediated inflammatory disorder in the gut. What is the scientific reason to use stem cells for curing autism? The […]

What are the Differences between CBT and TBT?

This article emphasizes on DBT v CBT: Understanding the Difference. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most used forms of psychotherapy nowadays. It focuses more on helping people learn on how their thoughts color and are actually able to change their behaviors and feelings. CBT is usually time limited and goal oriented […]