A Guide to Know About the Vein Mapping Ultrasound Procedure

Vein Mapping Ultrasound procedure used sound waves to see the veins in the legs to examine its swelling. This procedure creates a map of the veins in the leg for performing bypass graft surgery. This ultrasound test enables a doctor to know whether the veins are functioning, or there is a blood clot in it.

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In this article, we will know more about this treatment in detail.

Is it a long treatment?

This treatment can be easily executed on an outpatient basis. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital. There is also no sign of uncomfortable recovery. It is a less invasive procedure.

Is it covered under insurance?

You need to check with the doctor to find if the insurance company will cover the cost of this treatment. If you are doing this treatment for cosmetic reasons, then you will need to pay for this varicose vein’s treatment all by yourself.

What is the Self-care needed in this treatment?

Self-care includes exercising, loss of weight, wearing comfortable and loose clothes, raising your legs and preventing extended periods of sitting, and standing can help in lowering pain and worsening of varicose veins.

Why are you advised for compression stockings?

Doctors generally advise patients to wear compression stockings throughout the day after the execution of the treatment. It is the first approach to perform before considering other treatments. These stockings progressively squeeze the legs, assisting leg muscles, and veins to move blood efficiently. The extent of compression depends on brand and type.

Compression stockings are easily available at medical stores. Prescription-strength compression stockings are also available. They are also covered by insurance if varicose veins are causing you difficult symptoms.

What are the other treatments available to treat severe varicose veins?

If you do not respond well to compression stockings or self-care, or if your condition has got severe, then your doctor will suggest you any of the below varicose vein treatments:

  • Sclerotherapy
  • Foam sclerotherapy of large-sized veins
  • Laser treatment
  • The catheter-assisted process with the use of laser energy or radiofrequency
  • vein stripping and high ligation
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy
  • Endoscopic vein surgery


Vein Mapping Ultrasound is one of the effective ways to diagnose any malfunctioning in your varicose veins. Take the assistance of a reputed hospital to get this treatment done.


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