An Overview Of Marijuana Testing: A Must For Cannabis Producers


In the US, more than 30 states have legalized cannabis for medical use, and 11 states have approved cannabis for recreational use. On the federal level, cannabis continues to have the same status of Schedule I drug. Nevertheless, with relaxes laws and increasing interest of people, more cannabis producers are interested in coming up with new products. While you can always buy buds, other products like cannabis edibles, infused-products, tinctures, oils and concentrates are highly popular. All cannabis producers, dispensaries, and manufacturers are required to test products for potency. Visit a cannabis testing lab in Denver, and you will realize the number of products that come for testing every month.

A look at cannabis testing

Every state has its own laws when it comes to cannabis testing. In Colorado, potency testing is a must for both recreational & medica cannabis products, including flowers, infusions and concentrates. Testing labs take products from various producers and test them for finding details. For cannabis businesses, these labs are relevant, because the reports help them stay compliant and produce products that are in accordance with state laws.

What is cannabis tested for?

Cannabis contains a bunch of compounds called cannabinoids. Of all these cannabinoids, only one – called THC orTetrahydrocannabinol – is psychoactive. THC potency has to be tested because it determines how the cannabis product influences a person. Then, there are other compounds that may have health benefits such as CBD, and CBD-A. Some producers are also interested in THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin. Labs that do cannabis potency tests often use special equipment to figure out details, and they help cannabis producers to make products as per standards. CBD products are not always illegal, as long as a certified lab says that the THC content is less than 0.3%.

What kind of samples can be tested?

The process of cannabis testing is generally the same, and most labs rely on different samples and end products to get accurate results. Flowers & buds, infused products, and infused products can be tested as required, and most labs do have sample requirements, which are dependent on many factors, including size of the harvest. If you want to test your products, find a lab that offers fully-certified potency testing and figure out the costs and time involved. For commercial producers, products must be tested as quickly as possible, so that production can be started immediately.

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