Beyond Appearance: The Hidden Benefits of Orthodontic Braces 


Oral health is important, irrespective of age. Children and adults are equally deserving to have good oral form, function, and aesthetics. Orthodontic braces are revolutionary appliances that have innumerable benefits for both children and adults. Braces can be life-changing, not only due to the cosmetic perks offered but also because they improve your overall oral health. 

The benefits of braces for children and adults are well explained by our highly skilled orthodontist in Cary, NC. They offer a comprehensive diagnosis of dental issues in different age groups and effective treatment to straighten the teeth. 

The potential benefits of braces in children, teens, and adults 

There are a number of positive effects of orthodontic braces for children and teens. These include:

Improved oral health 

  • Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss to improve oral health.
  • Crooked and crowded teeth can increase plaque and bacterial accumulation due to poor access. 
  • Braces prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Enhanced chewing ability

  • When teeth are not in a proper alignment or occlusion, it can greatly affect your masticatory functions, compromising your ability to bite and chew.
  • Braces help correct the alignment and occlusion and distribute forces equally. 

Clear speech

  • Aligning the teeth and jaws in children and teens can positively improve clarity and speech.
  • It dramatically improves phonetics.

Teeth protection

  • Protruded teeth are more susceptible to dental trauma and injury during sports or due to accidents. 
  • Braces can shift the protruded teeth back, which can go a long way in preventing tooth loss.

Improved sleep and breathing

  • Improper teeth and jaw alignment can affect your sleep, which leads to sleep apnea and mouth breathing (due to airway obstruction).
  • Orthodontic braces and appliances can greatly overcome these challenges.

Less pain

  • Bite imbalance can exert pressure on your TMJ, causing soreness, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

A huge boost to your self-esteem

  • A straight smile has cosmetic benefits due to enhanced smiles, boosting your self-confidence. 
  • Currently, clear aligners like Invisalign are creating a buzz since they are clear, transparent, and not visible. They blend well with your natural teeth, sparing you from the embarrassment of unsightly metal braces. 


It’s never too late! There is no age limit for getting orthodontic braces. The benefits go well beyond achieving a perfect smile. Braces improve your health, which can even continue into adulthood. They are a gold-standard procedure in dental care and the best long-term way to get a beautiful, straight smile and healthy teeth. 

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