Braces for Kids: How Much They Cost

A lot of parents are wondering about the cost for braces when they find that their little one needs orthodontic care. Although you mostly want the process to be painless and productive, you must think about the different costs of braces. There are many factors that contribute to the cost of orthodontics which make it impossible to calculate your payment amounts. These include the kind of braces, your child’s dental hygiene, your child’s teeth, and your financing plan. For braces, you have to spend between $3000 and $8000. By doing your homework, you can pick a course of treatment that saves you money and a financing plan that makes the cost bearable.

Kinds of Braces

There are various kinds of braces and the kind of your child needs will affect the total treatment plan and the treatment cost. Some braces such as clear aligners and ceramic braces are not easy to see while others take less time. On average, the cost of children’s braces will vary according to time and kind.

  • Conventional metal braces. These are the oldest and most common kind of braces. In general, the cost of metal braces is lowest. This type of braces stands out more than other kinds and some kids do not like the obvious look of these braces.
  • Damon braces. These braces use clear, sliding brackets in lieu of metal brackets. Their average cost of often higher; however, they can generally shorten the term of the orthodontic treatment.
  • Ceramic braces. These braces use ceramic material for aligning teeth. They may work slower than metal braces and they may have a higher treatment cost.

  • Clear aligners. Also, called Invisalign, clear aligners are the most visually appealing option. They use a series of tray molded to your teeth to move them into position gradually. Invisalign are often the most expensive option for treatment.
  • Lingual braces. These braces work similarly to conventional metal braces; however, they are attached to the inside of teeth. Thus, they are out of sight.

How to Prepare Your Child’s Teeth

Before your child gets braces, their treatment plan can decide the kind of braces that suits them, how long they will need braces, and the total treatment cost. Some kids may need teeth extracted so there will enough room for other teeth to come in. Others may need a palatal expander before they can get braces. Such addition will add to the total treatment cost.