Bulk Billing Medical Center in Bundoora

The medical clinics in Bundoora are committed to providing a comprehensive and holistic care to their patients and the community at large. They take pride in offering the services of a warm and caring team that treats their patients like family in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is a place where the concerns and needs of a patient are treated with compassion and respect.

The medical services are always extended to the patient whether he is well or not. These       bulk bill medical clinics offer a range of services including women’s health, skin checks, general checkups, general medicine, or minor procedures. You will find the same friendly faces at every visit that will provide care as per your condition as if they already know you!

The Medical Team

The entire medical team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals believe in promoting good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with factors that have a positive impact on the patient’s overall health. The patients make an informed decision about their health care with a range of information provided by their doctors at the Bundoora medical clinics.

They also understand how busy their patients are and hence ask them to arrive a few minutes prior to their first appointment to complete the new patient registration forms and necessary documentation before the consultation. Present your Medicare card and all your personal details such as address, date of birth, telephone number will be registered for a bulk bill.

Bulk Billing and Telehealth Services

If the patient holds a current Medicare card, any consultations with the doctor at a Bundoora medical clinic are bulk billed. For a telehealth consultation, the doctor will call you at the appointed hour if your phone is within reach. Your appointment will be concluded by faxing the issued pathology forms, medical scripts, specialist referrals or medical certificates.

With full access to practice equipment and facilities however, the patients are encouraged to visit the medical clinic if possible. Regular patients are referred to their usual doctors, who assess their home visit requests and make appropriate arrangements accordingly. Any concerns regarding your usual doctor or even positive feedback are always welcomed at the clinic.

Emergency Services and Advice

For any kind of emergency advice, a doctor is always available at the Bundoora medical clinics during normal working hours. The front-line staff is experienced in deciding the appropriate response to an urgent phone request. Whether a health practitioner is interacting with his patient online or in person, the code of conduct and the required standards of professional behavior are strictly applied.

To follow up on patients with medical conditions, a computerized reminder system has also come into place at these clinics. Your personal health information also remains confidential with your doctor as his practice is committed to protect the privacy of his patient. If you need to see a doctor at Bundoora Family Clinic, the clinic follows a bulk bill practice wherein Medicare is billed directly, and they accept the Medicare benefit as a full payment of their service given to the patient.


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