Hair treatment

Have you been wondering about hair treatment options? You should rest assured that the Guardian would offer you various kinds of products suitable to your specific needs. These would be inclusive of other beauty and hair care products. If you have any concerns about the products offered by the website, they would be at your […]

How Do Volumizing Hair Products Work?

People tend to lose hair for several reasons, it can be either illness or medication. Hair loss is also inherited from a parent. Most of the time hair becomes thin due to harsh chemicals and environmental stress. Due to stress, the texture of the hair loses moisture and becomes dry and difficult to maintain. Here […]

Senior Rehabilitation Centres Help Your Elderly Loved One on The Path of Recovery

If you have an elderly loved one recovering from hospitalization due to illness, injury or surgery, the doctor may have recommended rehabilitation treatment before getting home. With the rise in the number of rehabilitation facilities, it is quite a challenge choosing the right option. Everyone has a different story, different medical conditions, different medical needs […]