Dermatologist or Esthetician – Know Their Expertise to Make Right Decision

Skin is the most delicate part of our body. The health and glow of your skin will last depending upon how you take care of it. Polluted air and UV rays damage our skin which leads to premature aging, wrinkles, tan skin, blemishes, dark spots, open pores, skin discoloration, annoying hair, etc. In order to keep skin fresh and pure, one has to visit salons and spas to rejuvenate skin.

However, there are also occasions when people have to visit dermatologist, and aesthetic. A person consults a dermatologist only when he/she has any skin related problem that can be cured through medicine. However, visit to an aesthetic can help in improving skin that has suffered scars, wrinkles, moles, discoloration, fat, unwanted hair, etc.

Most people often confuse estheticians to be just a professional dealing in spas to rejuvenate. Partially, you might be correct, but they too get special training to provide medical spa in order to give you best results for your problem. Not everyone can become a dermatologist as they have to study hard in medical field and get certification. Similarly, an esthetician also has to undergo training in cosmetology school and pass an exam to earn license and run a medical center.

Just like Arviv Medical Aesthetics, founded by Dr. Tali Arviv has years of experience in laser technology. The center has a team of certified professionals in the offices of Tampa and Miami. Their aim is to improvise your skin to make you feel better and confident. Apart from laser and aesthetic treatment, they also help in medical treatment to those who, want to shed weight, treat hormonal imbalance to improve health and skin.

It is very difficult to decide when to visit esthetician or a dermatologist. Here are some tips that may help you –

  • Any suspicious issue on skin like cystic acne, redness, scar, rashes, sensitivity, brownness, etc. should be consulted by a dermatologist first. Sometimes even a mole can be a sign of skin cancer, therefore anything that is spotted for the first time and seem to be suspicious must be consulted by a dermatologist.
  • Once you’re diagnosed with nothing serious, you may visit an esthetician for improvement of skin. They may not provide any treatment for severe medical skin condition, but help in giving glowing skin through moisturizing, exfoliating and massaging.

Esthetician and dermatologist can work together. Sometimes there are scenarios where people take certain type of rashes or redness lightly and approach esthetician for facial or massaging. However, looking at the conditions, generally, they recommend them to dermatologists. Sometimes certain skin problems are treated well with prescribed medicines.

However, there are also times, when dermatologists refer patients for the aesthetic services. Only those patients who need maintenance of skin are referred. Thus, both can be helpful for betterment of your skin.


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