Different Type of Medical Treatments – Know How to Improve Fine Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the common problems in both men and women, which is caused by many factors including age. Usually, wrinkles occur on sun exposed body areas like neck, face, forearms, and hands. Generally, they come in two different forms such as deeper furrows and fine lines.

You can find many medical and invasive techniques that help to treat wrinkled skin. They stretch the skin, paralyze the muscles that crease the skin, change the aging collagen nature, and even fill the depression within the skin.

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The following are few treatment methods for fine wrinkles that help you choose a suitable one depending on your problem.


This includes beta-carotene and other vitamins A, C, and E. Products that contain antioxidants provide sun protection and help to improve wrinkles up to some extent.

Fruit acids or Alpha-hydroxy acids

These fruit acids are safe to use as they contain lactic acid and glycolic, but they give slight improvement on your wrinkles. Also, they may cause temporary or mild irritation.


It is a surgical treatment performed under local anesthesia a rotating instrument will be used to smoothen the skin. It gives effective results under the supervision of a professional operator, but there are few side effects like permanent skin color change and scarring.

Laser resurfacing

Erbium and carbon dioxide instruments will be used to achieve effective results with greater accuracy and reliability than dermabrasion. The laser light will be passed multiple times on the treated area until it reaches the second layer of skin, dermis. This stimulates the natural collagen of body production that plumps the wrinkles and sagging skin.

In addition to these, there are other treatments including ordinary moisturizers, glycolic acid peels, deeper peels, microdermabrasion, fractional resurfacing, and more. All these helps to improve wrinkles with minimal or no side effects.

You can consult your doctor to find out the best suitable treatment for your wrinkles. So, choose the best medical spa that provide the services of experienced doctors and book your consultation today to meet and discuss about your problem. Then, choose a right treatment for wrinkle free clear skin.


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