Different Types of Spa Massages – How Different are They From Each Other


Spa treatments are increasingly become common day by day. Not only it relaxes the muscles but also uplifts one’s mood by relieving stress. After a hectic day at the work or doing tedious household chores, everybody wants relaxation. Whether you are a male or female, spa massages can be chosen by everybody.

A weekend gateway to the spa is a nice place to relax. The therapeutic massage techniques can help you flushing out stored toxins from the body. Most likely a professional and a reputed spa offer different types of massages. It will be helpful for you to understand the difference types of services so that you can select from the best and choose the most appropriate method for yourself. Let us check the various types:

Swedish massage

This is the most common and opted massage for amateurs. The massage which is given is gentle on skin and is ideal for people who has got a sensitive skin and has got lot of stress points. This massage can be opted week on week and hence is selected by most of the professionals.

A masseur will gentle massage for 60-90 minutes depending on the type of service you are opting for and give pressure on particular regions of the body. For this massage you can keep wearing your underwear and you will be covered in a white sheet. You will lie on the massage table during the process.

The technique involves kneading of the skin, long upward strokes, deep circular motions around the neck and the hips. Vibration and tapping are done at the end of the treatment. Most of the time this does not include body wrap. However, in Storm Spa you can also go for customized services. Massage Quebec can offer your body wrap at an extra charge, where you can enjoy the full treatment followed by shower.

Hot stone massage

Off late this has gained much popularity as this successfully relieve muscle pain at the back and relieves tension and stiffness from muscle. Nevertheless, after the treatment the person feels much lighter and relaxed. This massage is almost similar to the Swedish massage where there will be an intensive session of massage. In addition to it, the therapist uses hot stones and keeps it more some tine.

The heat from the stones right after the process increases the blood circulation. After that body wrapping is done where the body absorbs all the cream and mask much quickly. You may experience redness after the treatment but it is nothing to worry about. The redness usually goes away in one- or two-days’ time.

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