Endovenous Laser Ablation – Know the Advantages of Undergoing the Procedure

For the uninitiated, varicose veins are enlarged and swollen veins, which often twist and can cause considerable pain and discomfort. In most cases, varicose veins can be left untreated, but doctors may recommend treatments based on patient’s needs and level of pain. Treatments like endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) are common, safe and affordable, and you can talk to your doctor about the option.

Even though, there are various treatments for varicose veins, but laser vein ablation treatment offers a lot of benefits to the patients with varicose veins. The following is some information about the treatment method and its advantages that help you to understand why it is considered as the most effective treatment.

Laser vein ablation treatment procedure

Laser vein ablation is an invasive procedure that removes and corrects varicose veins. During the procedure, a needle will be inserted into affected vein with ultrasound guidance. Varicose vein push the blood back to blood vessels and causes swelling and bulging under skin.

In this treatment, light energy will be applied on skin directly. The main aim of the treatment is to push the vein with laser energy.

Advantages of laser vein ablation treatment

Clinically proven results – There are many research studies that provide laser vein ablation is the safe and effective way to eliminate spider and varicose veins. According to these studies, laser vein ablation provides more effective results compared to traditional procedures. Also, the recurrence of vein rate is much lower after the procedure.

Local anesthesia – In this procedure, only local anesthesia will be used to numb leg before inserting laser catheter into leg. This reduces general anesthesia negative effects like infection, confusion, fatigue and nausea.

Easy and fast procedure – This treatment usually completes in an hour as it is not only simple but also minimally-invasive too.

Quick Recovery – After EVLA treatment, you can return to your routine life on same day or next day. Few people may experience mild discomfort and pain after procedure, but the effects are not too longer. There will be very small incision, so no existence of scarring on your legs.

Suitable for all types of skin – EVLA can treat different type of varicose veins cases because it is effective on all types of skins. Also, it can treat veins damages caused deeper inside the legs.

In addition to the above EVLA treatment offers other advantages such as immediate noticeable results, no strong or chemical medications, and others. Following the treatment, you have to walk and do little exercise to promote blood circulation.

To lead a healthy and happy life, choose the clinic that offers high-quality vein treatment methods and consult today.