Everything You Wanted To Know About Internal Medicine!


Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about internal medicine. This is a specialized field, where experts called internists use clinical experience and scientific knowledge for improving health of patients. The role of internal medicine is huge when it comes to disease prevention & wellness, beyond basic treatments of course. Internists work with adult patients only, usually between the age of 18 and 100. They don’t just help patients in enhancing wellness and preventing common diseases, but they also help with lifestyle modifications and recommend changes as required. Internists are capable of treating something as simple as common cold, to other more critical conditions.

What to expect when seeking internal medicine?

Expect a lot of health exams, suggestions on preventive care, and evaluations when seeing an internist. There are clinics that specialize in keeping patients healthy by checking for common signs and symptoms of diseases, and taking necessary care for preventing common health issues. As required, internists also take care of vaccinations, multiple tests, screening and preoperative evaluations.

Things to know

Keep in mind that internists work with doctors directly, especially if they have uncovered certain symptoms in a patient that needs extensive medical attention. They will also work with specialist doctors, surgeons and health experts, with the prime intention of ensuring that a patient feels as better as possible. They also guide patients on how they can live a better life, so as to avoid health issues that have recovered from. The role of internal medicine is also evident for certain jobs. For instance, many working in the field of aviation may have to go to internists for physical examination for getting a clear certificate. Internists may also be of help for people traveling internationally and in need of physical wellness certificates.

Do I need to see an internist?

The very purpose of internal medicine is to offer complete healthcare services and prevent diseases and health issues. You just need to take your family for regular checkup with internists, so that early evaluation and diagnosis can help in preventing serious complications, in case someone has a disease. The idea is to live a healthy life, and internists ensure that patients get regular screenings and checkups, so that they don’t have to worry about common health issues and diseases, which are often preventable. For example, if you are traveling to Africa, you may want to see an internist to know if you need a vaccine against yellow fever.

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