Fertility And Menstrual Cycle Changes After Ovarian Cystectomy


If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, your doctor may recommend an ovarian cystectomy. This is surgery to remove your ovaries and the cyst that was found on them. Ovarian cystectomies are becoming increasingly common as we learn more about ovarian cancer and how to treat it. In this blog post, we will discuss what to expect during and after an ovarian cystectomy Singapore.

Impact On Fertility:

Your ovarian cystectomy may impact your fertility. If you are not planning on having children in the future, this may not be an issue for you. However, if you want to have children someday, you will need to discuss your options with your doctor. You may be able to preserve your fertility by using ovarian tissue cryopreservation or transplantation.

Impact On Menstrual Cycle:

You will likely experience some changes in your monthly menstrual cycle after ovarian cystectomy surgery. Most women will stop having periods altogether after the surgery. If you do continue to have periods, they may be irregular and lighter than before. In some cases, women will experience ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome after surgery. This is a condition that causes symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

The Final Words:

If you are facing ovarian cystectomy surgery, be sure to talk to your doctor about what to expect. He or she can give you more information on the procedure and how it may impact your life. Remember to stay positive and be optimistic about the future! You will get through this!

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