Get Braces to Correct Cosmetic or Biting Problems

Human teeth ideally should be lined up neatly like keys on a piano. Unfortunately, a number of people may have to deal with with crowded smile, crooked teeth or very poorly aligned bites as getting braces as an adult can often be difficult.

Such problems will not be limited to cosmetic concerns only as crowded/overlapping teeth may be too difficult to clean and as a result there may be tooth decay too.

If teeth cannot come together properly while closing your jaws then the problem of “bad bite” may occur which may cause issues like chewing and swallowing?

Also, such poor tooth alignment may also create pronouncing difficulty and can also put excessive amount of stress on chewing muscles, and also cause facial pain.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for correcting longstanding cosmetic or biting problems or looking for remedy for tooth loss then remember following few things:

  • If bones of adults have stopped developing, then few structural changes will be not possible without surgery.
  • The whole process may take much longer time as compared to a child or adolescent. This may however vary for different person while straightening the teeth varies and, on an average, the treatment may continue for 2 years.
  • Those who are undergoing such orthodontic treatment, may need to consult a periodontist too. Also, general dentist along with the orthodontist will make sure that the treatment should not become too complicated.

How braces work?

Orthodontic treatment relies on placing right pressure on your teeth for changing their position. Orthodontist will accomplish this by attaching certain mechanical appliances or devices to the teeth for gently pushing them in the desired direction.

While from one side, the tooth will be subjected to pressure then its root will press against the alveolar bone. This force will eventually cause portion of bone next to root to get dissolved, and allow tooth moving in the direction where it is pushed.

New bone will build up in those spaces vacated on other side of root as the tooth will migrate. This will prevent your tooth to move back into the original position. So, you need to remove at least one or few more teeth before you will start orthodontic treatment.

Typically, it will take 1 to 2 hours for placing braces on your teeth. You may probably notice some discomfort and soreness for few days after obtaining braces and making adjustments, but few over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help.