Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida: Five Steps to Take

As medical marijuana enjoys increasing acceptance as a clinical wellness option, states have started to legalize its use. However, getting medical marijuana for chronic health problems is still difficult in a lot of states. Fortunately, Florida supports the holistic use of medical marijuana under the supervision of a doctor. With the growing rate of patients requiring treatment, the state has offered a process to apply for and register a medical cannabis card online. If you are wondering how to get a medical marijuana card in Florida, you should know that the state permits both permanent and seasonal residents to access the medical marijuana program. Below are the steps for Florida residents to become certified for medical cannabis without making an in-person visit to a certified physician:

Qualifying for the Medical Marijuana Card

Florida patients need to have pre-diagnosed and qualifying medical conditions to be eligible for certification.  To make sure the legal health conditions are met, a written survey is required. People who are at least 18 years old can become certified for medical marijuana in the state, along with those with a terminal health condition and prognosis. Residents in the state most provide proof of residency and government-issued photo identification. They can be assessed by online marijuana doctors. Those who have qualified for a medical marijuana card in Florida can be included in the Florida Marijuana Use Registry by the doctor.

Submitting the Medical Card Application

Your application will be reviewed to make sure you meet all legal criteria and your paperwork is in order. Ensure our pre-diagnosis information is correct to speed up the card application. Keep in mind that only a certified physician in the state can perform an evaluation as part of the certification process for your card.

When applying for a medical marijuana card in Florida, you will have two expenses. You must pay the initial payment to meet with a qualified doctor. The cost can range from $100 to $300. Also, you will pay the registration fee for the application that will cost you $75.

Getting State Approval

After successfully submitting the required information, the state will approve our application to get a medical marijuana card. An email notification will be sent to you if your application is approved. You will need this email to order from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Florida while waiting for your card to arrive. Medical marijuana cards in the state expire after a year; however, but you can also renew it online. A lot of doctors offer discounted rates for cards of returning patients who are renewing their certification.