Here is How to Have a Successful Solo Climbing Road Trip

This article by bloc shop rock climbing Montreal enlists the tip on how to have a successful solo climbing road trip. 

  1. Choose a famous destination with multiple activities

Certainly, a remote destination may sound great, but having climbing partners with you from famous spots would be tough. Crags placed near big cities will raise your odds for finding or making a friend. If you can, always be flexible with your plans and destination. Sometimes, the weather may be rough. Check if there are any other spots to migrate to if the weather goes down. Check how many days you may need to wait for the rock to dry up if the weather is really damp. Check where the crags are staying dry in the wet weather. Check if there are any other activities you can indulge in if the weather isn’t great such as hiking, hot springs or mountain biking. Check if the town is weather friendly.

  1. Trust your friend network or local climbers to meet new people

See if your friends have already been to the climbing venue you wanted to visit. Check if they may know anyone around. Feel free to ask for connections and introductions. A friend helping can feel a bit safe than meeting up with a complete stranger. You can also meet fellow climbers where they usually hang out. Of course climbers need to rests and tend to move to places that have free Wifi. If everything else fails and doesn’t go according to the plan, then always have snacks ready. Food is the best way to make a connection.

  1. Always keep an open mind

You may need to step out of your comfort zone in order to meet new people. Finding fellow climbers can be a tough task for introverts as it may take a bit of effort and opening up and talking to them. But once you get along this new group of friends would feel more like a family. Feel free to ask for a spot. But always practice caution when it comes to climbing with new partners. You may rope up or keep the gear in your sleep, but never forget to check your partner’s gear, anchors, harness, knots and everything. If you don’t feel comfortable when their safety practices, always listen to what your gut feeling says.