How is Indica different than Sativa?


Medicinal cannabis is useful for treating a number of common conditions. Usually, medicinal cannabis leads to the user experiencing greater physical and mental relaxation, increased appetite, pain relief, and a better sleep. Learning the differences between the two is essential to have the perfect strain for every user. The two main types of cannabis strains are sativa and indica. Every strain has its own way of impacting the body and mind resulting in a number of medicinal advantages. Indica strains are more inclined to provide a deep body relaxation. And sativa is more inclined to provide an energized experience.

Cannabis indica

Usually, cannabis indica plants are short in size and bushy in texture bearing wide leaves. Indica plants cultivate faster usually and always have a higher yield than the sativa counterpart. The medicine being produced from the cannabis indica plants is higher in CBD content and lesser in THC content.

The major features of indica strains are:

  1. increased mental relaxation muscle relaxation
  2. decreases nausea
  3. decreases acute pain
  4. increases appetite
  5. increases dopamine for night time use

A few examples of cannabis indica are: Raphael, shishkaberry, Afghani etc.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa plants are very opposite to Indica cannabis strain and they grow tall and thin bearing narrow leaves. Sativa plants also have usually have a lighter shade of green than the indica strain counterpart. Sativa strains take much time to cultivate, mature, and need more light. The medicine being produced from cannabis sativa strain bear high THC levels and lower CBD levels. The main features of sativa medicinal strains are:

  1. anti-anxiety
  2. anti-depressant
  3. treats chronic pain
  4. increases focus and creativity
  5. increases serotonin for day time use

Some examples of cannabis sativa are Jack Herer, Happy Feet etc.


Indicas and sativas have their own distinct high. The latter is more elevating and the former is more inclined to relaxing side. You feel zened out as well as spaced out when using Indica strain. While sativa strain is more thought provoking and stimulates you socially making it ideal for day to day use. Sativa is famous for putting you into deep conversations you would never even think of normally or discuss. It evokes your creative juices. So briefly, indica is better deemed as a stress reliever and puts you to sleep and sativa is idea for active days and social gatherings.

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