How Much Is Your Awareness Level About Kratom?


In certain South Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Thailand, kratom is hailed as a magical product in traditional medicine. The Western world is opening up to this tropical tree, and websites like In Sense Botanicals offer a wider range of kratom-like effects, kratom strains and blends to choose from.

Though kratom has not yet been approved by FDA for consumption, but one can still use and discuss about it, which is not considered illegal. People who suffer from pain are majority of users of this kratom in the USA.

However, do you know all the terms used for kratom? We will discuss about few things that you should know as kratom user to get better awareness about it.

Few common terms used while dealing with kratom

  • Aroma

This term is used for expressing how much kratom has affected you. For example, “Hyper Hippo strain that I recently bought has awesome aroma!”

  • Burn

This indicates the act of consuming kratom for example, “I want to burn Bali during next weekend”.

  • Burner

This tells how you really use/burn kratom for example, “My Dad uses juice of apple in his burner”

  • Incense

In what way kratom is generally sold legally, for example, “My favorite incense is always Red vein Thai”

  • SWIM

It denotes someone who is really not me, like “Yesterday SWIM took 3 grams with great results!”

Few ways to take kratom

  • Empty stomach

You can always get best effects of kratom, if taken in empty stomach. However, no need to starve, but just have 2-3 hours gap after taking food.

  • Very effective with coffee

It is great combination to get aroma by taking coffee and Kratom. It is because of the amount of caffeine that is found in your coffee.

  • Take with magnesium

By taking with magnesium, you can prevent and also reduce kratom tolerance.  Magnesium works as an antagonist of receptors that will be responsible for tolerance.

  • Kratom and phenibut

We know phenibut as a great standalone nootropic, which can boost our mood, get rid of anxiety and offers social enhancing benefits and kratom further complements it.

  • Grapefruit juice

Another item, grapefruit juice is a known potentiator that is within Kratom community, and both can do great work!

  • Tea method

By boiling the Kratom with water like we prepare tea, you will end up simply adding one little thing which can make a huge difference.

  • Few others

You can also add Turmeric or Cayenne pepper. Also, mixing with orange or lemon juice, you can get strong aroma.

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