How to Choose and Use CBDA Shatter?

CBD isolate contains only CBD and no other compounds like THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. CBD isolate is available in crystal and powder form. Shatter is one of its solid forms. It got its name because of its texture and shattering property. Shatter is similar to wax form but the difference can be felt when you handle it.

Today, you get CBDA shatter, which is more potent than CBD. CBDA is extracted from the cannabis plant before the decarboxylation process, where it transforms into CBD. CBDA gets extracted from the hemp plant. After extraction, the oil goes under a rigorous filtration process, where wax, THC, and plant materials get removed. Finally, pure and potent CBDA oil without any presence of THC is obtained. FluxxLab CBDA shatter is available in pure form online at affordable price.

How to choose CBDA to shatter?

CBD shatter’s flavor profile, as well as effects, differs between products because different terpenes get added to it. You are tempted to select a very delicious flavor combination, but ensure that the terpenes included are capable to offer the desired effect.

Common terpene profiles CBDA shatter offers are –


  • Spicy and peppery aroma
  • Found in cloves and black pepper
  • Great for treating depression and anxiety


  • Offers citrusy and fruity flavor
  • Found in oranges and lemons
  • Perfect for skin treatments as limonene increases the absorption rate


  • An earthy and fruity aroma
  • Found in mangoes, basil, and thyme
  • A mild sedative and relaxing effect, a good sleep-aid

CBDA shatter and wax have plenty of similarities, but their appearance is distinctive. Shatter is transparent and shinier, while the wax is opaque and yellow-colored. The same technique is used to make them. Shatter gets produced instead of wax when the cannabis concentrate is left untouched.

How to use CBDA shatter?

You can add CBDA shatter to liquids and food. It can be used as a base for creating CBD oil products. Users even use it for vaping and dabbing. When you dab or vape make sure to break or grind the shatter properly. Use a kitchen scale to measure your dosage properly.

  • When you choose to dab it needs a specific setup. It includes a rig, dabber, nail, and torch. Research before using this method because it is HOT!
  • While using CBDA shatter in your food consider temperature to enjoy terpene benefits because excessive heat can impact it. Timing is crucial while cooking with CBDA shatter.

For experienced dabbers, CBDA shatter is an outstanding product!


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