How to Get Used To Wearing Masks in the Long-Term

Lockdowns will be lifted, people will eventually come out of their homes, but what experts fear is that COVID-19 may not get completely eradicated for some time now. We should always be alert and take all the necessary precautions to prevent widespread transmission of the virus.

Wearing masks, washing, and sanitizing our hands frequently, and maintaining social distance will provide 95% protection against the infection. But it can be daunting for many people to follow such preventive measures, like wearing masks or respirators throughout the day. If you fear the same, you can go through the following tips to get acquainted with the current situation without compromising on personal comfort.

Invest in customized masks 

Numerous manufacturers are trying to make it easier for people to get accustomed to wearing masks by offering personalized mask at affordable prices. Depending on your specific needs and preferences along with personal style, you can go for a mask that suits you best. This will not only help you stay protected but also reduce the feeling of being forced to do something that you don’t like.

Buy the right size masks

A mask that’s too right or too loose will not offer the protection you need. If it’s too tight, you may think of taking it off for a short duration, thus increasing the risks of getting infected. And if it’s too loose, it may fall off while speaking or lowering your head to do some work. Hence, you should opt for the right sized masks to ensure maximum comfort, as well as protection.

Check for specialized functionalities

While disposable masks are one-time wears, the N95 pollution masks can last you for days with regular cleaning and sanitizing of course. You can also buy masks that offer specialized functionalities for people in different fields of work like healthcare, delivery of goods, sports, and others.

For example, sports mask are specially designed to meet the respiratory needs of people in the habit of indulging in outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, hiking, running, and more. These masks will not only protect you against COVID-19 but also from allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, and other particles in the air.

Match the masks with your attire

This will help you create a fashion statement without compromising your safety. Wearing masks that have quotes, writings, or graphics printed on them will boost your spirit and add a tinge of personalization to your appearance. You should also shuffle colors, shades, and patterns in the same way you do for other accessories.

We should treat the masks as a part of our body and wear them everywhere to stay protected from the virus. So, invest money in a mask that you’ll love to wear, not one that you feel forced to carry.


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