Know Everything About Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before Planning Your Session

Laser treatment for hair removal is the best option available for people who like to have a silky smooth and soft hairless skin. In this treatment, your hair will be removed from its roots and follicles will be destroyed by using light. With this, you can have a permanent hair free skin.

Few people think laser treatment is expensive, but it’s quite affordable. The cost of laser hair removal depends on different factors. San Diego Cosmetic Clinic offers advanced hair removal systems for affordable costs. You can also contact them online to get clarity on the cost for getting your hair removed permanently.

Types of laser treatments

There are different types of laser treatment, the 3 most popular treatments are:

  • Diode Ideal for dark and light skin
  • Alexandrite Fastest method than other types and the best treatment for large areas of body that have light and olive skin tone.
  • Nd:YAG Suitable for all skin tones and less effective than other treatments.

Best areas for treatment

Laser treatment for hair removal works on any area of the body, but it will be more effective on areas like lip, under arms, chin, and bikini.

Price for the treatment

The price of laser treatment for hair removal usually ranges from 150 to 500 $. If the treat area is small in size, then the cost will also be low. As per the guidelines of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the standard cost of laser treatment is $429 in U.S.

Suitable candidates for the laser treatment

Although, laser treatment is suitable for everyone who doesn’t want to shave, wax, or pluck, but for the patients who have coarse, dark, and thick hair it not helps to remove the hair but also prevents the fast re-growth as well.

Benefits of laser treatment

Laser treatment is very simple laser energy will be used to pick up the follicle through pigment. By this, the root of the hair will be destroyed and it cannot re-grow more hair.

Growth rate is different for all the parts, so the treatment may take shorter or longer depending on the treated area. Usually, most of the people require 6 to 8 sessions to remove their hair completely

For effective results you need to attend all your treatment without fail. Many clinics offer discounts on laser treatment packages. Choose the best clinic within your budget and book an appointment for a hair free look.