Laser treatment for Scars – Know Everything about It before You Plan

Laser treatment is one of the convenient and effective ways to reduce the appearance of scars. It not only helps to prevent scars after the procedure but also stimulates healthy new skin development.

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Types of scars and laser treatments

Laser treatment helps to treat different type of scars such as acne scars, burn scars, injury scars, and surgical scars. There are many types of laser treatments like GentleYAG laser rejuvenating technology, Collagen induction therapy, Resolve fractional laser technology, and more.

Doctors usually prescribe the suitable laser treatment depending on the skin and scar type. Few laser treatments remove the uppermost skin layer, while others only affect the underneath layers.


Before the treatment, the doctor will mark the scar to spot the region for treatment. First, the doctor cleans the affected area and applies numbing or injects local anesthesia on it. In case, the scar is on your face, they will give you goggles to protect your eyes from rays.

Gauze or wet towels will be placed around the place affected area to get absorb the laser pulses. Otherwise, they may affect your healthy skin. Then, laser will be passed on the scar area. They will also apply water solution or saline seldom. After completing the treatment, the doctor applies an ointment and dress up the area to avoid infections.

The area may turn red, stinging, and mild swelling is the common affects after the treatment.

You need to take some precautions before going to the treatment like:

  • Avoid medicines that increase bleeding
  • Avoid products that have retinoid or glycolic acid
  • Quit smoking before 2 weeks
  • Stay away from sun because doctors will not do laser treatment for people who have sunburn or tan.
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorants, lotions, and other products on the day of procedure

Laser treatment gives fast and effective results compared to other medical treatments. It removes the dead and damaged skin cells, tightens your skin, and wrinkles will also disappear.

If you want to undergo laser treatment, choose the best clinic that provides high-quality treatment and services for their clients. Book an appointment immediately to attain healthy and scar free glowing skin.