Laser Treatment to Eliminate Acne Scars: Things you Must Know


Acne leaves scars that can negatively affect a person’s look. The hyperpigmentation can lower the self-esteem of the sufferer and make them feel like everybody is looking only on their scars. If you are currently having acne scars, a reliable solution is available for you. Laser therapy is used to remove acne scars and its accuracy and effectiveness make it a famous treatment. Some people with acne scars deal with their condition with microdermabrasion; however, laser therapy is the better option especially if you don’t want to see blood.

How Laser Treatment for Acne Scars Work

To eliminate acne scars, laser instruments produce light constricted to a narrow wavelength band. The precise laser wavelength doesn’t produce any effect when used on some substance; however, it yields intense effect when used on other substances. A lot of people who have acne scars consider traitements au laser afin d’atténuer l’apparence des cicatrices d’acnée as it is non-invasive. Typically, the procedure does not take long to complete and causes very minimal discomfort.

Laser therapy utilizes focused beams of light for treating damaged areas on the skin. It is an outpatient procedure where a doctor repeatedly moves a laser wand over the skin to eliminate damaged skin cells and diminish scars.  As the procedure involves heat and light, it may not be recommended for people with light sensitivity. As some medications can cause this kind of sensitivity, it is important for anyone considering the treatment to consult with their doctor to see if they are a good candidate. The doctor may also discourage laser treatments for those who are taking blood-thinning medications because of the risk of bleeding.

Laser Treatment Options

To eliminate acne scars using lasers, a lot of patients choose the fractional laser treatment as it’s a non-invasive treatment option. Because the treatment can target the skin’s deepest layers, it penetrates deeply to remove scar tissue. When the doctor performs the procedure, a laser beam is broken down into many deep columns with the microcolumns called thermal treatment zones. Such zones can remove pigmented cells and help in the formation of new collagen.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Removal

One of the main reasons people choose laser treatment for acne scar removal is convenience. The procedure is quick and comfortable which makes it more convenient than other alternative options. In fact, some laser treatments can be done within just minutes depending on the severity of the acne. Also, laser treatment yields immediate results, although 2-3 treatment sessions will produce the best results.

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