Nursing Home 101: What Exactly Is Long-Term Care? Find Here!


If your loved one cannot live independently at home, it might be necessary to look for nursing homes. Many senior adults prefer to have caregivers around the clock, simply because they are incapable of doing regular chores. That’s the essence of long-term care. In this post, we are discussing basics of long term care and what it means for seniors.

Understanding the need for long-term care

In simple, long-term care is required for people who need assisted living for a non-specified period. For example, if someone is suffering from something like Parkinson’s disease and they are only expected to get worse with age, they may need caregivers for everything. This is the opposite of short-term care, where the patient is expected to leave the facility within a specific period as they get better. While long-term care is mostly needed for seniors, many people over the age of 55 may choose to live in communities and nursing homes where they get all the services to live a healthy life.

What to expect?

The facilities at a nursing home or rehabilitation home can vary, but in case of long-term care, all the necessary services are provided for. The person will be encouraged to live life as independently as possible, and physical & social activities will be encouraged. One of the foremost reasons to choose long-term care is to get nursing services whenever required and without leaving the facility.

Benefits at a glance

There are several advantages of selecting a nursing home for long-term care. Dieticians will help plan the meals, and all chores will be done by caregivers, who will also offer companionship. Most facilities have visiting therapists and other paramedical services on call, and depending on the rehabilitation needs of the patient, more arrangements can be made. For any emergency, there will be nursing providers around the clock. Things like housekeeping, administering IV and medicines, mental health services, and respiratory care are also taken care of.

When to consider this option?

If someone needs skilled nursing care 24×7, long-term care is the best option. In many cases, people don’t have the choice of having a full-time caregiver at home, or they may have to find an alternative because their caregivers are no longer available. Patients with cognitive impairment issues often consider long-term care at a nursing home, because they may have a hard time explaining things to those at home.

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