Review Of Daywrecker Headband Strain: For That Intense High!

If you are exploring cannabis strains, it is wise to start with the three basic categories – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids. Sativa-strains are known to cause that energetic high, which is why these are most preferred for daytime use. Indica-strains are more relaxing and calming and ideal for people who have pain, stress, depression and trouble sleeping. Hybrids are a mix of both. The headband strain – also called Original Daywrecker Diesel, Daywrecker OG, or Daywrecker Headband – is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Just like its name, it creates that an incredible high that can last for the entire day. If you don’t mind that heavy-headed cannabis feeling, this strain is for you!

Knowing the Daywrecker Headband

The Daywrecker Headband strain is dense and comes in a green shade, typical to marijuana. What you will find interesting is the presence of hairs and trichomes, which ensures that it looks apart from average strains. The flavor of this strain is also unique, with a nice undertone of sweetness, but on the surface, you will feel the diesel-like scent, which gives it the name. The origins of this amazing strain include the OG Kush with Sour Diesel plant, and it’s the latter that creates that incredibly dank aroma and flavor.

What to expect in terms of experience?

Headband is not everyone’s everyday strain. It is one of the most powerful strains out there, and if you are a fan of Indica-based strains, this one would still feel different. Headband can be used by patients with medical marijuana card for treating sleeping issues, pain and inflammation. It takes a while for the effects of Headband to set in, so start slow and wait for it to kick in. The high creates a sense of euphoria, so make sure you are not doing something that requires undivided attention. Expect the effects to last for a considerable period of time, so this is best suited for nighttime or evening use.

Final word

Only selected dispensaries sell Daywrecker Headband, and we insist that you make sure that your source is reliable. Talk to the budtenders to know more on similar strains, and if you are using Daywrecker Headband for the first time, always take it easy. We promise that the feeling of this one is too strong, and it is very easy to go overboard, more so because the effects are not very instant. For chronic pain and insomnia, this is a perfect pick.