Risks Of DIY Teeth Aligners: Go For Professional Orthodontic Care!

If you have crowded or crooked teeth, seeing an orthodontist for braces or teeth aligners is the right step. Unfortunately, people get tempted to use those DIY teeth aligners that are available for cheap prices. When it comes to oral health and your teeth, rely on your local, trusted dentist for advice and treatment. In this post, we are discussing why you shouldn’t use mail order aligners.

Know the risks

To order DIY teeth aligners, you have to take the dental mold, and that can be complicated. More importantly, if the aligners don’t work as expected, you may end up doing more damage to your teeth and may cause irreversible damage. DIY aligners have been associated with tooth loss, so don’t be fooled to believe in an ad that promise perfect teeth with no dentist appointment. Just like you wouldn’t go for a surgery without a surgeon, you shouldn’t get aligners without seeing a dentist – Period.

Even braces that have been traditionally used to align teeth are only recommended after the dentist or orthodontist has done a complete checkup. The treatment withDIY aligners is not supervised, and you may end up with bad results, which can be hard to correct. Let’s not forget that there is no assurance for anyone that DIY aligners will work.

Going for professional teeth alignment

When you go for professional teeth alignment¸ your orthodontist will do a complete checkup, figure out if the crowded or crooked teeth can be corrected, and only if they find treatments viable, they will recommend braces. If you are worried that you wouldn’t like the metal braces, there are options like Invisalign that do a great job at correcting smile or a bad bite. One of the other reasons to see a dentist is to ensure complete checkup, further appointments for supervising the treatment, and accurate measurements. They will recommend between something like Invisalign and metal braces, depending on the current condition of your teeth and your budget. Invisalign may be expensive, but is great for people who don’t want metal braces.

Final word

Beware of DIY aligners. These are not created professionally or in a customized manner, as with professional teeth alignment. You need an orthodontist you can rely on, who can advise the right thing and offer treatments that will work, with an assurance. If you are considering Invisalign, do discuss the costs in advance. Invisalign has the advantage of being removable.