Senior Rehabilitation Centres Help Your Elderly Loved One on The Path of Recovery

If you have an elderly loved one recovering from hospitalization due to illness, injury or surgery, the doctor may have recommended rehabilitation treatment before getting home. With the rise in the number of rehabilitation facilities, it is quite a challenge choosing the right option. Everyone has a different story, different medical conditions, different medical needs and the choice varies depending on the above factors.

Short term or long term:

The first step in finding a rehabilitation centre is determining if your loved one requires long term or short-term care. In case of minor health issues, the stay may extend anywhere between few days to a month. For other serious conditions like chronic illness or serious conditions, longer stay would be required.

There are many short-term and long-term rehabilitation centres across US offering quality health services to seniors. If you are looking for a rehab centre in Florence, AL offering excellent patient care, check out Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre. Their skilled team provide proven rehabilitation treatment options for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and ensure full recovery.

Evaluate the rehabilitation centre:

Before deciding on a rehabilitation facility, make a list of preferred facilities. Take time to visit each of the facilities. See their patient rooms and common living spaces. Check the level of cleanliness, privacy and comfort of residents. Check their menus and ask about their social events and activities that are conducted to keep the residents engaged. A facility should ideally offer various group activities and access to religious services.

Main features of rehabilitation centres:

The three basic levels of care are:

  • Basic care: Provides assistance to carry our day-to-day tasks, personal care, ambulation, supervise medical needs and other safety procedures/
  • Skilled care: There are registered nurses providing basic treatments and procedures. The nurses help to maximize a patient’s recovery process from an illness or surgery.
  • Sub-acute care: There are comprehensive care services provided for seniors with acute illness, a recent surgery or an exacerbation of chronic illness.

You could choose between private and semi-private room. Physical therapy is most common and helps residents with their mobility problems, improving balance and reducing pain. Occupational therapy helps elders to regain or learn skills that help them to carry out their daily activities. Speech language therapy is offered to patients who have suffered stroke, brain injury or other neurological disease.

Senior rehabilitation centres provide every form of therapy available to help them with the recovery process. Find a facility that offers the therapies and activities required by your loved one.