Surgical Treatment, the reason behind excessive sweating


Extra sweating often results in a loss of confidence in the person. It is the reason why people often look for surgical treatments to get rid of such situations.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

It is a genetic condition where a person sweats in an abnormal amount on hands, face, feet, armpits, and even facial blushing. It affects the physical appearance of the person a lot with their confidence levels. Due to their problems and sufferings, surgical treatment is available for making their life better than before. People suffering from such disease often consider themselves alone as the majority of their surroundings find them different. It is why there are ways to bring the person outside of this hole of sweat.

What are the types of Hyperhidrosis?

There are the following types of Hyperhidrosis, face by the people in this situations:

  • Primary Hyperhidrosis: In this condition, a person’s body sweats a lot but only in some specific places. People often get extreme facial blush issues in this condition along with sweating palms. But these sweaty palms aren’t a necessary condition. Moreover, people get a combination of two areas of the body that sweat rather much like the feet and hands at a time.
  • Secondary Hyperhidrosis- In this condition, the whole body sweats excessively Also in case of issues, one must consult the doctor immediately. Several thyroid tests are often expected to be done in this condition. These are the major reasons behind autoimmune disorders, hyperthyroidism, chronic infections, or malignancy.
  • Palmar Hyperhidrosis- This condition often occurs because of overstimulation of sweat glands present in the body. The body constantly produces sweats on hands, feet, or different areas of the body, hence this is considered as one of the must consulting diseases for a person.
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis – In this condition, the person suffers from extreme underarms sweating, happening more often than usual which results in the stains of sweaty armpits on the close one wears.
  • Pedal Hyperhidrosis – In this condition, one suffers from extreme sweating issues on their feet due to excessive sweating of their glands. This type of issue often appears because of the network chains of lumbar and thoracic sympathetic.
  • Facial Blush and Facial Hyperhidrosis – As facial blush are being considered as the nervous reaction of a person being shy or embarrassed. But in this condition of Hyperhidrosis, people get blushing on their face without any specific reasons. Often the person couldn’t identify their reasons for blushing but it happens no matter what. Also along with that, one will be having extreme facial sweat on their face. These were the type of issues one will be facing. But in case of any several problems, one must consult to their doctors immediately.

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