The Benefits of Incontinence Pads for Use in Nursing Homes


Working in a nursing home is tough. Many carers understand that there is an exact need for many patients in the equipment, clothing, and food that they require on a daily basis. One part of this that the vast majority of the public would never consider or understand is the need for incontinence pads and adult nappies in a nursing home. There are many residents of care homes, whether just elderly or suffering with dementia or other mental or physical incapacitations, where there is no control over the bladder, or they are suffering from faecal and urinary incontinence.

For the sake of comfort, cleanliness and personal hygiene, incontinence pads can make a massive difference to the daily lives of residents in nursing homes. They also make a massive difference to the way in which the stalwarts of the industry (the nurses and the other care home practitioners) can perform daily tasks and continue to be the heroes that they are on a daily basis in each care home. It is difficult to manage a care home and to look after the needs of the elderly and the sick, but with the help of the right type of equipment such as adult nappies or incontinence pads, it can suddenly become a whole lot easier.

What we are seeing in recent years, with a growth in the elderly population in the UK, is that there has been a reduction in long-term hospital care in direct correlation with the increase in residents in nursing homes and residential homes. You will find that when you look at any nursing home there is the likelihood that a large percentage of the residents will suffer with some form of incontinence or lack of bladder control. This can manifest in requiring an incontinence pad when out visiting family, night-time incontinence pads, or adult nappies to be worn at all times (depending on the severity of incontinence and the health of each specific resident).

There are different methods to dealing with incontinence, from fitting catheters, to medical treatment, or the provision of adult nappies and adult incontinence pads. The choice should always be made based on what will bring the patient or resident the highest level of comfort and care. If there is no viable treatment for the incontinence in question, will incontinence pads provide the best route to comfort and happiness for that person? There are many questions care home and nursing home staff have to answer when it comes to resident comfort and hygiene when dealing with incontinence, and there are many benefits to using adult incontinence pads.

The benefits of incontinence pads for use in nursing home is immense. It is important that, as the person in charge of ensuring the nursing home you run or work in has enough incontinence pads and adult nappies in stock, that you choose the correct suppliers for your needs. Adult nappies and incontinence pads for nursing homes are vital components of the daily life of a care home. With elderly patients, many of whom suffer with both urinary and faecal incontinence or are mentally and physically incapacitated and have no control over their bladder as a result.

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