Tips To Keep Your Hearing Aids In Perfect Condition During Summers!

A lot of people depend on their hearing aids extensively to connect with others. This may mean wearing the hearing aids for long hours. During summers, despite the best effort and care, it is quite possible that your aids get exposed to sweat, moisture and humidity, which can impact performance. Even the best products need maintenance, and in this post, we are sharing the best tips to protect your hearing aids from the sun, especially in the hot months.

  • First and foremost, avoid sun exposure to the best possible extent you can when wearing hearing aids, specifically during peak hours. It’s understandable that you may have to step out, but try and avoid what can be avoided in the afternoon or when the temperature is soaring.
  • It is also important that you let the hearing aids dry overnight. Just make sure that the hearing aids are not exposed directly to moist air. You can keep the product in a room that’s not too hot or cold. This allows the hearing aids to dry naturally.
  • Avoid using hearing aids in the pool. Extensive sweating and exposure to water can cause damage to the aids beyond repair, and sometimes, users don’t even realize that there is bacterial growth inside. Ensure that you avoid water exposure to the best level possible.
  • Also, always store your hearing aids in a container designed for storing such products. This just allows the aids to be safe and not get lost or damaged. Just place the hearing aids in the container and let it dry in it, if you don’t want to place them on the table or anywhere else.

  • If you check the market, you are likely to find water-resistant clips on sale, which are great for keeping the aids safe and dry during summers. Your audiologist may be able to help with the range of products that are best suited for the hearing aids you use.

With extensive use, it is possible to have bacteria growth in hearing aids, and if you think that you have anything that resembles mold or dust in the aids, go for a professional cleaning service. There are services that can run diagnostic tests on the hearing aids, and they will take necessary steps to clean the product, which can also enhance the sounds you hear.

Your hearing aids can be maintained easily during summers. Just get them checked by professionals, once in a while.


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