Trying Recreational Cannabis? Here’s An Overview


If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you will find a wide range of products to choose from. Cannabis, weed, marijuana, grass- No matter what you call it, the effects are real. Medicinal marijuana is currently legal in 33 states in the US, while Canada recently legalized cannabis – a story that surprised many. In case you are trying recreational cannabis for the first time, we recommend that you read this overview below.

Knowing cannabis products

The traditional way of enjoying weed is smoking, although vaping is equally popular these days. However, the market for cannabis products has expanded considerably in the last decade. There are licensed dispensaries, such as OG Medicinals, which sell recreational cannabis products. Now, before you get confused, there are three basic categories – buds, concentrates and edibles. Buds refer to dry flowers that are used for smoking and vaping. You can find a wide range of strains to choose from (more on that later). Concentrates, as the name suggests, contains a concentrated amount of certain cannabinoids, especially THC. Edibles refer to food products and drinks, infused with cannabis.

What’s best to start with?

We recommend that you avoid concentrates, especially if you are trying recreational cannabis without any experience. Concentrates are expensive, but offer a more unusual ‘high’, which may not be suitable for beginners. Smoking is still safe, and you can also find cannabis tinctures, which are meant for sublingual use. Edibles are also a great option for those who do not smoke. Note that edibles take longer to take effect, so start slow, and expect the marijuana effects to last for at least five to eight hours. Do not consume edibles on an empty stomach.

Other things to know

Cannabis, just like any plant, has many strains. What most dispensaries sell are hybrids. Sativa-based strains are great for an energizing high, while Indica-dominant strains are ideal for relaxing. If you have troubles sleeping, go for a hybrid that has an Indica parent strain. Also, do enquire about the strains. Visit a known recreational cannabis dispensary, and their budtenders will help you select between strains. It may take a while to find the strain that works best for you, so keep experimenting.

Be responsible with recreational cannabis, and make sure that you start on a slower note. Allow the experience to set in, before consuming more, because taken in excess, cannabis does have side effects.

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