Understanding How Infrared Saunas Work


People are talking about infrared saunas but not all of them know how they work. These saunas have become the newest trend in wellness. A lot of celebrities have approved the use of infrared saunas claiming they have helped them with a lot of problems such as chronic pain management and weight loss. But, if you are interested in buying the best infrared sauna, you may want to know the technology involved with infrared therapy treatment.

Importance of Infrared Radiation in Saunas

Conventional saunas have been around for a lot of years. But, there are downsides to using them including high temperatures that can be reached inside the cabin. These saunas have a special stove that heats the air in the room, reading from 150 degrees F to 195 degrees F. The extreme heat can be too much for some people to handle. And because of this discomfort, people will cut their sauna session short, not being able to gain maximum benefits.

Because of this problem, manufacturers introduced saunas that use infrared radiation which can penetrate the skin up to four centimeters and transfer its energy as heat. In an infrared sauna, such radiation is used for heating the body without the need to heat the air around the user. This allows for a lower room temperature that uses find bearable. As a result, people would want to spend a longer time inside an infrared sauna that they would inside a traditional one.

Others Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Aside from making your sweat, an infrared sauna can offer many other benefits. This includes its ability to help in regulating your sleep cycle. Thus, if you have insomnia, this machine could be the best way to manage it. Also, infrared therapy can help with muscle recovery, weight loss, and muscle mass increase. That is why many people include this treatment after they work out.

Moreover, some patients who are suffering from some chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can experience improvement after going through infrared therapy.

The majority of health benefits have to do with the influence of infrared therapy on internally signaling pathways in cells. Infrared can impact cell metabolism for a certain purpose, causing these cells to generative positive health results.

Infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular because of their benefits to health. Plus, they have been designed to fit into any sized residence, giving anyone access to their therapeutic benefits.

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