Understanding Medical Cannabis Products In Detail


As of today, medical cannabis is legal in 33 states in the US. Marijuana can be prescribed for a various mental and physical disorders, right from chronic pain and anxiety, to Alzheimer’s Disease. There is also some evidence that cannabis may have some role in killing cancer cells, and can be used in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and epilepsy. To get access to medical cannabis, you need to get a prescription from your physician and apply for a state-issued card. The medical cannabis card can be then used to buy products from licensed dispensaries across your state. Many dispensaries and stores also offer medical cannabis delivery for patients.

In this post, we are discussing types of medical cannabis products that you can find in the market, besides the basic details of strains.

Knowing cannabis

Cannabis contains many compounds, collectively called cannabinoids. Of all, only one cannabinoid – THC – is psychoactive, which means that it will produce a ‘high’. THC makes cannabis very desirable to those having issues like insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety. It should be noted that cannabis may not be a complete cure for a disease, but can offer consider relief from some of the symptoms. CBD, another cannabinoid, is known for therapeutic and health benefits, and is often promoted in the wellness category products.

Types of medical cannabis products

The most common type of cannabis product is dried and cured buds, which can be used in a vape pen, or traditionally in a bong. Smoking and vaping are popular choices among medical cannabis users, but in case you are apprehensive about that, you can try edibles. For many patients, using ready pre-rolls makes more sense, while some prefer concentrates, which have a high profile of cannabinoids, particularly THC and CBD, with terpenes and flavonoids.

Knowing the strains

Cannabis strains sold by licensed dispensaries are mostly hybrids. The sativa-dominant strains are great as mood enhancers and energy boosters, while Indica-dominant strains are best suited for nighttime use, as a means to sleep and relax better. Always check the THC content of a cannabis product before you make a purchase, and in case you are unsure of what kind of strain or product you should buy, let the budtenders know of your condition, and they can help.

Final word

Medical cannabis products are safe, as long as you use them as directed and in measured dosages. Also, you can only buy a fixed amount of cannabis in one purchase, or per month.

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