What are the Ways by which Bed Bugs can Impact Your Health?


When you think of bed bugs, an automatic reaction is the cringe. These bugs can take up home where you sleep and can also be found anywhere. This may sound gross, but can cause a number of health issues as well. Hence, you need to get your home checked for bed bugs right away and get treatment by bed bugs SolutionCimex. While there is no sure shot proof that they transmit diseases to humans, but they do give away side effects like:

  1. Allergic reactions

Many experience allergies due to a bed bug bite. These reactions can be minor to severe on the basis of the sensitivity of the person. In extreme cases, they can have an anaphylactic reaction to a bite. This can cause an anaphylactic shock where the immune system releases chemicals in the body and cause issues like plummeted blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and nausea. This shock can be the dangerous side effect left by bed bug. This can also be life threatening if not addressed immediately. You may also experience allergic skin reaction after a bed bug bite. This may cause a rash that need medical attention. If you or anyone in the family has a skin reaction after the bite, then don’t scratch it or it will exacerbate the issue.

  1. Trouble sleeping

Getting enough sleep is near to impossible if you have bed bug infestation. This may affect your daily life and may lead to a number of health issues. Bed bug bites aren’t painful at all. But they lead to itchiness and irritation that may not let you sleep. Apart from the physical frustration, it is nerve racking to know that you have bed bug infestation in your house. The thought of these bugs crawling over you when you are asleep doesn’t let you sleep at all. Such sleep deprivation doesn’t let you work and make daily duties harder than they should be. It can also lead to depression, anxiety and memory loss.

  1. Infection

While bed bug bites are harmless, you can still have infection if you keep scratching the bite. Hence, you need an immediate treatment. Scratching spreads the germs and will exacerbate the bite and let the germs infect your skin. This can cause an infection called streptococcus. When you make an effort to prevent scratching when awake, you can scratch the bites when asleep. Always put on some ointment to prevent this.

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