What is a Nano Spray?


It is important within the livestock sector that we continually look at ways in which the processes that we put our animals through every day are improved upon. One way in which technology and the advancement of science has come into play in farming and livestock circles is with nanotechnology and a look at how we can reduce the need for traditional intervention and use of conventional antibiotics. Livestock and animal production are beset with potential problems at every turn and learning how we can improve the lives of animals under our care is important for many reasons.

The use of antibiotics and the preventative measures put in place to protect an entire farm from being decimated by illness and disease are both implemented very delicately. There is always a desire to improve the processes involved and with nano spray there is a use of nanotechnology to improve the processes in place on a dairy farm in the immediate aftermath of the milking process for cows.

Hygiene is the most important factor in any livestock situation and in the immediate process just after milking there is no better time to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness is being addressed. With the use of nano spray there is a way of vastly improving UV protection, efficacy, and creating a barrier on the teat, with the full length of the teat sprayed thoroughly to ensure full coverage. The nano spray product contains a thickener that ensures there is a film formed immediately and to a strong degree, and that the product clings to the teat expertly. What this all achieves is a greater overall condition of the teat and an improvement in blood flow.

The use of nanotechnology in this arena ensures that post milking hygiene is working to its maximum level. There is a much greater level of efficacy than with previous models of hygiene being delivered post milking. As teat sprays go there is no better way of drastically improving teat hygiene and improving the quality of life for livestock in the process.

The teats should be sprayed fully after the pipes have been cleaned thoroughly with clean water, with the nano spray used directly. There is no reason to dilute the product with water or other solutions. Immediately after each milking the teat should be sprayed fully, washed, and dried, before the next milking takes place. Another process that can be undertaken is to immerse the teat in the solution, where a teat is filled up to a two-thirds level with the nano spray, straight after each cow has been milked, covering the entire surface and then emptied and washed before reuse.

It is important to have a clear and defined process of cleanliness and hygiene when milking cows on a dairy farm. With nano spray and nano technology, you can ensure that both the cleaning of teats during the milking process and the implementation of antibiotic delivery is done so in a way where the lives of the animals is improved, and all processes are understood clearly by all employees.

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