Enjoying Cannabis Gummies And Candies: Things That Matter!


Smoking weed might the old-school way of getting a high, but there are some serious disadvantages that cannot be ignored either. If you want to enjoy marijuana discreetly and would want to have precise control of how much of THC and CBD you take, you should consider trying gummies or something like a cannabis hard candy. Edibles have various categories, and there is so much to explore. In this post, we are discussing some of the key aspects worth knowing about cannabis gummies and candies.

Comparing different edibles

Edibles can be broadly divided into two categories – bakery & cooked items, and gummies & candies. For the uninitiated, eating cannabis edibles is not same vaping, dabbing or smoking. Edibles must be digested to produce the psychoactive effects, and therefore, that can take time. Edibles like cookies, cakes, pastries, and ready recipes must go into the stomach and ingested by the body. On the contrary, cannabis gummies and candies pass on the cannabinoids into the bloodstream through saliva, so you are likely to see the effects sooner. Is one better than the other? Not really, but with gummies and candies, storage is easier and you can have a better control on portions and dosage.

How much of THC should I consume?

Dosing with edibles has to be done right, and for that, you need to find a brand that doesn’t compromise on the products and offers all the details on the label. The source of your cannabis edibles is very, very important, and if that means paying a tad more for something more genuine, we would recommend that. New users who are trying gummies and candies for the first time, a dosage of 5 mg of THC or less is considered to be ideal. Experienced and regular users can go for gummies that offer as much as 100 mg of THC in one candy. Keep in mind that the dosage of CBD may vary largely, and it is best to do some research on the products before consuming.

Final word

As a generic advice, go slow with edibles, because the effects are harder to predict. Since effects also last a lot longer, often for as much as 12 hours, you have to be careful of your activities. Find a brand that offers both gummies and candies, and find a dosage based on how you have used edibles before. You will find your sweet dosage in a short time!

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