Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Follow After Breast Reduction Treatment


Breast reduction treatment helps to remove the excess fat, skin, and breast tissues. This procedure not only reduces the breast size but also lifts the breasts too. Mostly, women who suffer from shoulder pain or back pain will undergo the breast treatment.

If there is sagging or sudden weight gain even after the procedure you can go for the treatment again. That is, you can take the treatment multiple times depending on your necessity.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the do’s and don’ts regarding breast surgery as suggested by the famous breast surgery surgeon Dr. Michael J. Streitmann. He had an excellent track record, and provides the best treatment in his clinic for breast reduction surgery in Houston.

Do’s after the breast reduction surgery

Generally, the healing time varies from person to person depending on the physical condition, but mostly it takes more than a week. Like other surgical procedures in this treatment also you will have swelling, but you need to be careful for 2 or 3 months until it heals completely.

There is no particular information about having sex after surgery, but avoid moves that stain upper part of your body until you completes 6 weeks. Allow slow and gentle moves on your breasts in starting few weeks because sex is also a type of exercise.

If you want to go on a holiday to sunny and hot places, then protect your breasts from UV rays. You can also use good SPF to avoid scars.

Consult your doctor immediately in case you experience discomfort, excess pain, swelling, or anything unusual. Also, take your doctor’s advice before going out or not sure of anything.

Don’ts after the breast reduction surgery

Don’t do exercises like lifting heavy objects, or activities such as stretching, big movements, or running. All these won’t let the stitches heal.

Don’t get panic after treatment the scars will fade on their own after some time. Even, if scars won’t fade completely they are far better than suffering from shoulder or back pain.

Don’t breastfeed, complete breastfeeding before the treatment itself because you cannot feed your baby after the treatment

There are many surgeons to treat breast reduction, gather information about the well-known surgeons. You can even visit their websites, read online reviews, or get references from your family or friends. Then, choose the best surgeon depending on your requirement and budget for the breast reduction surgery.

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